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At Easy Being Green, we are participating in the Victorian Energy Upgrades (VEU) program. As an Accredited Provider, we are approved to deliver subsidised upgrades for commercial businesses in Victoria.

The VEU refrigeration upgrade helps you to save money on your energy costs. You will receive rebates and discounts for an energy-efficient refrigeration upgrade.

Refrigeration is a significant cost to businesses. Old commercial refrigeration units use significantly more energy than updated energy-efficient refrigeration models sold today. You can reduce your business costs by upgrading to more efficient technology today.

Save Energy And Money With The VEU Refrigeration Upgrade Program

Save money on upgrade costs, reduce your energy bills and help the environment. The Victorian Government is helping businesses reduce their energy costs through rebates and discounts offered when you make the switch to energy-efficient technology.

Go Green And Update Your Commercial Refrigeration Units

Old commercial refrigeration units use significantly more energy than modern ones, which means you are probably paying too much on your electricity bills. Make the switch today and upgrade to a more energy-efficient model.

All Victorian businesses are eligible to participate in the VEU program which offers rebates and discounts on refrigeration upgrades.

Older refrigerated display cabinets that were made before energy efficiency standards were introduced in 2003 use a significant amount of energy.

If you have an old commercial refrigeration unit, it is probably powered by an inefficient motor-driven fan. These use a lot of energy, costing the environment and your bottom line.

Today’s models use energy-efficient fans, meaning your bills will be lower and your business will be doing their part to protect the environment.

If you have an older cool room, refrigerated display cabinet or freezer, your business is eligible to participate in the program.

Why Choose Easy Being Green For Your Energy Efficient Refrigeration Upgrade?

Is your business running efficiently? At Easy Being Green, we understand that your business needs are unique. That’s why we offer solutions that are specific to your business.

We care about the environment and that’s why we are here to help businesses go green with an energy-efficient refrigeration upgrade.

Energy-efficient refrigeration upgrades offer great benefits for commercial businesses. We can help you take advantage of the rebates and discounts on offer.

Don’t spend too much on your refrigeration with an outdated model. With upgraded equipment, you can expect your energy bills to be lower. Newer models have a longer life expectancy, saving you on maintenance bills too.

Because the upgraded models require less energy to run efficiently, you will also lower your businesses carbon footprint. Go green with Easy Being Green today. Give us a call on 1300 994 929 to discuss your energy-efficient refrigeration upgrade.



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