Home Efficiency

Have you considered how energy efficient your home is? Home efficiency refers to energy usage, greenhouse gas emissions and demand for non-renewable energy resources. An energy efficient home may offer healthier, cleaner living conditions for your family as well as providing financial savings on energy bills. Most new residences are built with home efficiency in mind, but you can also invest in energy saving technology when renovating an existing dwelling. If building or buying a brand-new home is not currently in your plans, it’s a good idea to conduct a home energy assessment to determine how your home uses energy and ways to cut down energy consumption and costs. From home orientation to lighting, insulation, heating, cooling, appliances and home electronics, there are many features that can make your home more sustainable. To learn more about home efficiency and how you can ensure yours has a lower economic and environmental impact, get in touch with us today.

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Visualise your electricity usage in real time and save!

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Stop warm air leaving your home in winter and entering in summer

How Can I Make My Home More Energy Efficient?

Easy Being Green offers a range of products under the VEU Program, often completely for free to Victorian homes*:

*Both Victorian home-owners and renters are eligible under the VEU Program


The Easy Being Green Difference

At Easy Being Green, we are taking real action to help the community do something about the world’s environmental problems. As the original and largest energy efficiency operator in Australia, we have conducted various energy efficiency projects with the aim of educating Australians and bringing about real change. Our goal is to make it easy for you to be green. To learn more about what we do, get in touch by phoning us on 1300 994 929.

Why Choose Easy Being Green for Home Efficiency?

Government Subsidised

Easy Being Green are Accredited Participants (ACP) under the VEU Program. The VEU (Victorian Energy Upgrade Program) creates a financial incentives for investment in energy efficient products, which helps households and businesses to reduce their carbon emissions by reducing electrical and gas usage. The VEU Program is an incentive scheme aiming to help Victorians obtain access to energy saving products for FREE or for heavily discounted costs. The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DWELP) is responsible for the VEU Program policy framework development

Saves You Money

Most of our residential services are FREE in Victoria. Easy Being Green believes in teaching consumers how to save the most on their electricity and water bills through implementing energy saving products in the home and guiding you on your energy saving journey. Stress Free Installation We will take care of the entire process from consultation, VEU Paperwork, compliance measures, commissioning through to installation, decommissioning and safe recycling your inefficient products.

Saves You Time

Easy Being Green take the hassle out of upgrading your inefficient home products – our quality controls mean you get access to high quality, reliable products available through the VEU program without having to lift a finger. We Source the Product and install it for you as well.

Experts in Efficiency

Established in 2004, we have a deeply knowledgeable and passionate team with over 50 years combined experience in the VEU (formerly VEET) program. We engage with highly qualified installers and electricians to ensure the best installation, every installation.

Home Energy Monitor

Providing a real-time display of your electricity consumption, home energy monitors are a cost-effective way to track your energy usage. Home energy monitors enable you to lower your energy usage by giving you an understanding of when and how you are using electricity. Many homeowners are shocked to learn about how high their standby and overnight energy usage is. Home energy monitors are easy for an electrician to install, connecting to your electricity meter and they come with a range of features including showing energy usage from individual appliances as well as generating recommendations for energy efficiency based on your household’s consumption. Get in touch with us today to find out more about making your home more energy efficient.

App set up
Box Mounted
Energy Advisor

Electricity Advisor - Home Energy Monitor

Offering a range of capabilities and providing real-time energy use and costs with data transmitted to computers and mobile devices, the Electricity Advisor can help your household avoid energy peaks and practice energy-saving behaviour.
To find out more or check your eligibility click here.

Improve Water Efficiency With A Water-Saving Showerhead

By changing your conventional shower head for a water-saving one, you can improve water efficiency in your home and reduce your water and energy bills. All Victorian households with an inefficient showerhead are eligible to participate in the VEU program, with up to two showerheads in residential homes. The water-saving showerhead activity under the VEU Program has recently been refreshed, meaning if you already received a water-saving showerhead before 2018 you may be eligible for a new free upgrade again. We have options for all types of showers.

Shower Rose

Water-saving Showerhead

Whether fixed or hand-held, Our water-saving Shower Rose has a 4 Star Water Efficiency Labelling and is a Standards (WELS) rated product. It uses a flexible spray technology to deliver an economical water-flow of 7.5 litres per minute.
To find out more or check your eligibility click here.

Insulate and protect your home with our weather-sealing technology

Weather Sealing is a cost-effective way to maintain the temperature of your home by keeping any unwanted hot or cold drafts from entering the house, resulting in less energy required to heat or cool a home, saving you money, and keeping you comfortable! By correctly insulating your home, you can reduce your heat and energy costs by up to 45%. Correct Weather Sealing is essential to creating comfort in a home. It can help reduce moisture damage from high humidity levels, reduce noise in the house by reducing the sound traveling through cracks and improve air quality by reducing dust blown into the home. Our range of Weather Sealing products is available for free installation for all Victorian residents. Please check the links below for further information and to check eligibility.
ceiling fan
fan seal
Fan Seal

Fan Seal

Fan Seals are a weather sealing technology that prevents heat loss through any exhaust fans throughout the property. The one-way vent design allows airflow when the fan is switched on & blocks unwanted airflow when turned off.
To find out more or check your eligibility click here.
Door Seal

Door Seal

Improve and protect your home with our easy to install door seal. Our eco-friendly Door Seal prevents excess hot or cold air from entering your home through the gaps surrounding your doors, resulting in a comfortable temperature all year round plus less money spent on heating/cooling bills. In addition, our door seal helps prevent moisture build-up and excess dust, which leads to respiratory problems.
To find out more or check your eligibility click here.
Chimney seal
Chimney Seal

Chimney Seal

Stop paying too much for heating and cooling with our Eco-friendly Chimney Seal. Our reusable felt based draught excluder is designed to stop cold drafts and heat loss, keeping your home comfortable year-round! Plus it reduces outside noise and prevents debris from falling down the chimney flue! Our chimney seal fits multiple flue sizes and is simple to remove/refit.
To find out more or check your eligibility click here.