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How to Implement Affordable Lighting in Your Commercial Building

On average, around 70% of electricity consumption is attributed to lighting supplies in commercial spaces. For buildings that primarily use conventional lights, high utility bills are expected. Traditional light sources include compact fluorescent lamps and high-intensity discharge lamps that uses everything from sodium to mercury vapor and metal halide.

On top of high energy consumption, these come with maintenance costs and shorter lifespans. The quickest and simplest solution is light-emitting diodes (LED). With LED lights, affordable lighting is a reality.

Bulbs for All Budgets and Buildings

Avoid more energy costs than you can handle with LED lights. Many NSW offices and warehouses have reported a decrease on their utility usage upon taking out their old light fixtures.

Indeed, saving on lighting systems in business premises can be done without compromising on quality. In fact, LEDs exceed the standards set by traditional lights. Replacements are seldom needed, heat emissions are drastically reduced and colour rendering is vastly enhanced.

The return on investment is amazing as well, allowing for thousands of dollars in savings for businesses of all sizes. Paybacks can be seen in as little as a year.

You Can Really Save with LED Lighting

Companies based in New South Wales are guaranteed financial incentives when they install LED lights. These are implemented under the Energy Savings Scheme (ESS) and the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target (VEET).

ESS and VEET were established by the local governments in efforts to decrease overall electricity consumption through energy-efficient solutions. Granted by the local governments, the monetary discount fluctuates in price according to supply and demand.

In the end, LED lights are more cost-effective. If you want to take advantage of free or heavily subsided LEDs, turn to Easy Being Green. We are accredited under the ESS and VEET schemes. Call 1300 994 929 or send an email to Alternatively, fill out the contact form on our website.