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Benefits of Solar Batteries

  1. Lower your electricity bills
  2. Use the power from your solar rather than selling it to your retailer for a pittance
  3. Beat those nasty evening peak-rates charged by many electricity retailers
  4. Have back-up power during a black-out
  5. Become less reliant on the grid
  6. Maximise your investment in to your new or existing Solar System

Why install a Solar Battery System?

Solar systems produce energy during the day-time when many people are not home to use it. In the past, this excess energy was sold to your energy retailer at a fraction of the price they charge you for the power you buy from them. Battery storage technology has advanced to the point where it is now practical and affordable to store the excess power from your solar system to use at night.

An added benefit is that many Solar battery storage systems also provide back-up power supply. This means that if there is a blackout you'll be the only house on your street that can carry on with their evening as if nothing happened. To find out what you'll still be able to use and how the battery can benefit you, call our experts now.



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