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Tesla Powerwall Review
The Hidden Dangers of LED Lights

Advantages of Solar Energy

The age of solar energy is here. Renewable energy was merely a dream for a long time. Now, it is not only a reality – it is an affordable reality. Installing solar panels in your home isn’t expensive anymore. Why should you try to shift from the electricity you get from the power company to renewable energy? Here are some benefits.

Zero Energy Production Costs

Solar energy is renewable energy. It does not require any supplies for its operation, so the costs of maintenance and production of energy are practically reduced to zero. The only cost associated with the use of solar energy is derived from the manufacture of the components and the installation itself.

Less Losses in Long Distance Energy Transport

The losses in the transport and distribution of energy rise with the increase of the distances between the point of production and the point of supply. Although these losses are not very large, they do affect the performance of the installation in densely populated areas. With the individual installation of photovoltaic panels on the roofs of buildings, distances are drastically reduced, thereby increasing the efficiency of the electrical system.

Flexibility of Installation

The ease and simplicity of its assembly allows for installation in almost any place. You can take advantage of spaces without definite use, both vertical and horizontal. This aspect, together with the modular nature and flexibility of the system, facilitates the installation of small solar projects. Another advantage is the ability to expand the installation.

But the most interesting advantage is the possibility of providing electricity in remote locations, where the cost of installing power lines is too high. Thus, renewable energy can power homes which have no power yet.

The Production of Energy Coincides in Moments of Maximum demand

The periods of greater energy demand are from 11:00 to 16:00 and to a lesser extent between 20:00 to 23:00. In systems based on the constant production of energy by power plants, the price of energy is triggered in times of maximum demand.

In contrast, with solar energy, renewable energy production reaches its maximum in the period of the day where demand is greater. In fact, in electricity markets with large solar energy production, additional power supply at peak times can reduce electricity prices in the mid-day time slot, even at levels similar to those at night.

Impact on The Environment

The production of solar energy does not produce noise pollution, an important aspect to take into account for its installation in urban areas. It also does not generate waste as it does not require maintenance and its life far exceeds that of other energy production systems.

Improve Grid Security

Grid security is an important benefit that directly affects the efficiency of the network against the usual problems of blackouts and voltage drops. The possibility of introducing solar energy from thousands of individual power plants provides greater safety to the electricity grid.

Economic Savings

The production of clean energy from the sun is a significant economic saving, since it is an inexhaustible source of energy that is not subject to fluctuations in markets or to the effects of speculation. As we have already mentioned, it requires an important initial outlay that is offset by a quick amortisation of the investment. Most importantly, it is a continuous and unlimited source of energy that does not require any additional maintenance or usage costs.

Renewable energy can be installed in your home within the matter of days. Just call us on 1300 994 929 at Easy Being Green. Many governments also provide subsidies for solar energy, and we’ll help you understand local subsidies when buying solar panels.