Commercial LED Lights for your Business

So how about implementing easy energy-saving efforts? At Easy Being Green, we supply and install commercial LED lights that can help lighten the costs of your total expenses. We give you the chance for greater savings, without skimping on quality lighting conditions your business deserves. We're always ready to help you switch to an energy efficient lighting system. We offer our LED lighting services in Port Melbourne and all over Sydney including suburbs St Leonards, Crows Nest, North Sydney, Artarmon, and Chatswood. Contact us now!

Commercial Lighting Upgrades

For most businesses in Sydney and Melbourne, a large chunk of overhead costs can be taken up by electricity bills. If you are baffled by the numbers that greet you every month, it could be your existing lighting systems. It becomes increasingly difficult for small shops to stay in business, given the surging power costs.

Fluorescent fixtures may do good on their promise to provide sufficient lighting, but do not always help you conserve energy. Whether free-standing or fixed, these types of light fittings have been proven to be inefficient when it comes to your power usage. Couple that with a relatively short lifespan and they easily take a toll on your finances.

Easy Being Green solves that problem by specialising in LED lights installations and LED lighting upgrades under the VEET Scheme & ESS Scheme. We are fully accredited which allows us to offer free or heavily subsidized LEDs in New South Wales and Victoria.

Be Environmentally Friendly

Did you know that a business’ carbon footprint can be directly attributed to the level of energy consumption? Nearly half of a business’ total carbon footprint is based on electricity, about a quarter of which is due to lighting.

Power generation processes required to produce this electricity result in excessive amounts of carbon dioxide emissions. The higher the emissions, the more global warming amplifies.

The best solution is to do away with standard light bulbs and go for LED bulbs, which use up to 80% less energy. The lower wattage in LEDs have been shown to decrease carbon dioxide emissions, therefore reducing your company’s carbon footprint.

As LEDs last longer, there is fewer disposal of light bulbs. This results in a much lower contamination in our landfills and the environment as a whole.

Installing LED Lights and Championing Green Efforts

Fortunately, there is a national movement to embrace light emitting diodes or LEDs. Nothing comes close to LED lights when it comes to energy-efficiency in the market. Aside from using much less energy, they can also last up to 20 times longer than conventional lighting solutions.

Easy Being Green has installed over a million of these eco-friendly lights in businesses of all sizes across Australia including Melbourne and Sydney suburbs.

If you want to do your part in conserving energy, make smarter lighting choices today. With our LED products, you can definitely cut your energy usage by more than half. Learn more about energy efficiency.

Why Choose Easy Being Green as your LED Lighting Solution?

Find the LED lighting solutions perfect for your needs at Easy Being Green. We work closely with you to determine what works best for your business. When you contact us, we can compute how much you truly save when you have our products installed.

Call 1300 994 929 for any inquiries. Our customer service teams in Sydney, New South Wales, Melbourne, and Victoria are more than happy to assist you.

NSW Commercial

Upgrade to LEDs under the New South Wales Energy Saving Scheme and get your incentive.

VIC Commercial

Upgrade to LEDs under the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target and get your incentive.

VIC Residential Lighting

Get free installation on selected products under the Victorian Energy Upgrade Program (VEU).



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