Privacy Policy


The confidential nature of our client’s personal information is of paramount importance. Easy Being Green will comply with the provisions and principles embodied in the Privacy Act 1988 (CTH). We will also comply with the Australian Direct Marketing Association Code of Practice in relation to how we market to our customers.

Easy Being Green’s management team will take steps so far as is reasonably practicable to ensure that the key eleven principles outlined within the act are introduced and implemented in all processes and activities which we will hold personal data of clients for.

The management team will ensure that adequate development to protect all software utilised for the recording of personal information is carried out in accordance with latest approved practices. All staff dealing with the information will be appropriately trained and briefed on the necessary processes for handling such information and adequate supervision provided at all levels.

Policy Detail

Easy Being Green will at all times maintain the appropriate registration level and cooperate in every way with resultant guidance and instruction.

Our work programmes will, so far as is reasonably practicable, adopt the 11 main principles of the Act. These encompass the following:

  • Only collect information that is necessary
  • Let individuals know what you are going to do with the personal information you collect about them
  • Consider whether the personal information is for a particular purpose and that this does not intrude upon the personal affairs of the individual
  • Consider whether the personal information collected needs to be disclosed
  • An individual should be given access to the personal information held about them.
  • Keep personal information secure and prevent unauthorised user disclosure
  • Do not keep information that is not required to be retained
  • Keep personal information accurate and up to date

Practical Action

Easy Being Green will adopt the following practical steps to ensure compliance with the Act:

  • Data will, whenever practicable be input by Easy Being Green recipient or nominated person to ensure that it is an accurate reflection of the householder's details as provided
  • Information sought and recorded will be limited to that required for the purposes of the project
  • Regular purging of the database will occur to ensure removal of old, irrelevant data
  • All access stations to the data will be security password protected, with high levels of security available to specific personnel for more sensitive information
  • Employees should not be in any doubt that Easy Being Green will apply disciplinary procedures to any employee who is in breach of our data protection policy. This includes any specific processes and systems of work, instructions, training and procedures laid down for the protection of information held as part of Easy Being Green’s operations.

Policy Review

This policy will be regularly revised as necessary (but at a minimum of one year intervals). In conducting the policy reviews, due regard will be given to the following:

  • Guidance - Any new guidance or legislation will be reviewed as to its impact and introduction to existing and proposed processes.
  • Organisation - A review of Easy Being Green’s organisation including changes to ensure that responsibilities for data protection are clearly defined at all times to all employees at every level.
  • Control - Ensuring that the data protection requirements are implemented throughout Easy Being Green by all employees and that training is regularly conducted in support of those standards.
  • Monitoring and Review – All staff will be provided with a copy of the data protection policy upon induction to Easy Being Green and their individual responsibilities highlighted. Regular checks and audits will be carried out to ensure that the policy is being adhered to.



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