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10 Tips when upgrading commercial lighting

We put over 15 years of our industrie experience together in a summary of 10 Tips to help you make the right choice for your business:

1. Guaranteed Energy Savings
LEDs reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs. A lighting expert should be able to explain energy saving forecasts.

2.Quality of Products
Approved test reports for claimed features like brightness, lifetime etc, should be available. Australian Regulatory Compliance Mark (RCM) needs to be on the product.

3. Qualified Electricians
All installations should be carried out and supervised by a licensed A-Grade Electrician to guarantee a safe installation.

4. Full Service
Does the Led provider only offer a couple of products or do they have a full range of different solutions to suit your business needs?

5. Warranty
A warranty reflects a manufacturer’s confidence in their LEDs’ quality. It should cover the product and installation.

6. Government Incentives
Some States offer significant subsidies, which can be offered as upfront discount of the installation costs.

7. Lighting Designs
A Commercial Led Lighting design gives you the confirmation of knowing your business complies with the relevant Australian Standards.

8. Funding Options
Look at cash flow positive options for your businesses to make repayments over a fixed term. Monthly repayments can be designed to be lower than monthly energy savings.

9. Accreditation
Your LED provider should be a member of a relevant industry body, ensure they have proven capabilities to meet your new lighting needs.

10. Installation Capabilities
Ask for references and successful installations across various industries. Make sure that the supplier suits your needs.

How can we help?

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