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Reducing Energy Consumption through LED Lighting

Commercial lighting can account for up to 50% of energy costs. With lighting taking such a large part of your overhead costs, it is important you reflect on your current lighting costs. . There are a lot of resources you can find which can assist businesses to improve their energy efficiency. As energy costs have soared in recent time, The Australian government has become active advocate to inform businesses about energy savings.

To reduce your energy consumption and minimise your lighting costs, you have one practical choice—LED lighting.

If you haven’t switched to LED lights yet, now is the time. Our commercial LED lighting experts at Easy Being Green can help you find energy efficient lighting solutions and save money. Call us on 1300 994 929 to reduce your bill today.

Energy Efficient LED Lighting Benefits your Business

Multiple commercial facilities in Sydney and Melbourne are still fitted with incandescent bulbs and halogen lamps. These light fixtures consume a lot of energy to produce light as well as have a shorter life span

With commercial LED lighting, businesses can erase these problems from inefficient alternatives. LED lights use only 10% of the energy used by halogen lamps and less than half of fluorescent bulbs to produce the same amount of light.

Take for example our Ecobulb Floodlight LED. This commercial LED light fixture consumes 15 W of power to produce a brightness level of 1200 lumens. The halogen lamp that it replaces needs 150 W of power to produce the same brightness level. 90% of your energy consumption will be reduced simply by switching to LED.

Other benefits of LED include a longer life which means fewer maintenance costs over time. It also has a higher light quality which improves your efficiency as well as your employees’.

LED technology puts you in control of your energy consumption

When assessing how you can reduce your energy consumption through LED light fixtures, you need to review your facilities as a whole. There are a lot of opportunities for commercial lighting that current LED technology can improve.

You may notice specific areas in your facilities that may benefit with the higher brightness output of LED. Remove unnecessary light fixtures and replace several bulbs with a brighter, more energy efficient LED counterpart.

With today’s LED technology, you may install LED lights with an automatic control system. These controls enable you to put timers, movement sensors, and light dimmers. Since this system ensures your lights are on only when needed, it can reduce your energy consumption even further.

Do you want to reduce your energy consumption and get more cost savings for your business? Easy Being Green is here to help you. Contact our LED lighting experts on 1300 994 929 or send an email to