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Which LED light options are best for your space?

It is no surprise that the market for LED lamps and bulbs has sustained its growth over the last few years. That said, company owners changing their existing lighting fixtures to LEDs might feel overwhelmed when they start shopping around.

Too Good To Be True LEDs

For LEDs that are priced way too cheap, trust your gut. If you refuse to shell out for decent products, you will end up paying a much greater price in the long run. Nowadays, there are hazardous LED lights slipping through the cracks. Defective and substandard, these are characterised by poor insulation and exposed live electrical parts. These elements are definitely dangerous and can be potentially lethal.

When LEDs Are Good Enough

LED lights that cover various companies’ basic lighting needs fall under this classification. Some offices and commercial spaces can make do with a LED lamp that has a adequate brightness level. If the approach taken on the placement and installation is simple, then LEDs of this category offer a good starter system.

Quality LEDs at Decent Prices

The best value for money goes to mid-priced LED light models. Most business managers pick the ones that are neither too cheap nor too expensive. For this middle-of-the-road choice, light output is typically anywhere between 1100 to 1600 lumens. These LEDs tick off all the important boxes, including affordability.

Upgraded LEDs for Bigger Budgets

For businesses that want to invest in their lighting, it is smart to lay money on above average LED lighting. Those who want something that gives them more room to customise the effects of lighting will find the right match here. Choose bulbs that score at least 80/100 to guarantee that they can accurately show the true colours of the spot being lit or even the whole space if they wish.

A Little Too Pricey LEDs

LEDs in this category offer multiple functionalities and produce optimum results. We’re talking the top-of-the-line range from the world’s distinguished LED brands such as Philips, LG, Sunpower and Cree. These are unbeatable in terms of performance, durability and innovation. However, these lighting instruments are very expensive and above most companies’ budgets.

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Clearly, every buyer has different needs. It is important to choose the type of LED light that will suit your specific requirements. At Easy Being Green, we advise commercial clients to stay away from the cheapest options and only select the high-end models if their budget allows for it. Contact us on 1300 994 929 and we’ll walk you through the best LED light options.