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100 KW Solar System at RSEA Park in Victoria

The Project

Easy Being Green is proud to deliver St Kilda Football Club's Solar System at their training facility in Moorabbin. With some of the best facilities in the AFL industry, RSEA Park requires a lot of power. This 100kW Solar PV System helps power the majority of their lighting, gym, cafe and more, whilst reducing their carbon footprint.

The Solution

Commercial installations are often laid flat on the roof. By tilting the over 350 Commercial Solar Melbourne panels in this installation, we have enabled a significantly larger harvest of electricity through the 4 commercial Fronius Inverters connected to the system. The Team at Easy Being Green worked tirelessly to complete the project in time and on budget, with minimum disruption to the operations of the site. Regular maintenance is ensuring the system is performing and the components working porperly.

The Savings

The System is estimated to achieve around 35% energy bill savings for the site with estimated over 140,000 kwh on site solar production every year. The environmental impact can be compared to the same CO2 reduction as if planting nearly 2500 trees.