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How to Save Electricity
How to Save Electricity

Take it from LED: You do not have to use more energy than you need

Light-emitting diodes, commonly known as LEDs, has garnered the most buzz when it entered the mainstream lighting industry in 2010. Until now, LED has not been dimmed in its time in the spotlight.

In just a few short years since LED gained prominence in the global market, sales have gone up by 22 per cent. By 2015, businesses left and right have begun replacing old lighting systems with their much more energy-efficient LED counterparts.

How LEDs Made Their Way to The Top

The technology behind LEDs involves an electrical signal being sent along a semiconductor to create electromagnetic radiation. This is converted into electroluminescence, which is what registers as light in our eyes.

With significant cost reductions over the years, LED has emerged as a modern necessity. With more functionality and versatility, it has moved away from the novel luxury that it once was perceived to be. These innovative light fixtures have illuminated countless of malls, offices, warehouses and restaurants.

Australia is one of the biggest supporters of LED light installation. In fact, an initiative called Energy Savings Scheme (ESS) was launched by the New South Wales government to encourage people to switch to LED. The financial incentive granted to eligible parties comes in the form of an Energy Savings Certificate (ESC) discount.

How Can Businesses Benefit?

In terms of output, LED light sources require minimal wattage to produce light. For instance, a LED bulb would only burn up five watts of energy to generate 450 lumens. This is a far cry from what an incandescent bulb can handle—needing 40 watts of energy to yield the same amount.

With a reduced consumption of energy, LED light systems will cost you less in the long run. The return on investment is quicker and the total cost of ownership is lowered.

All in all, commercial LED lights offer intangible and tangible value for business owners. The best part? The evolution continues for these breakthrough lighting instruments. At Easy Being Green, we follow these developments very closely. Should you have any questions about the energy efficiency of LED lights, dial 1300 994 929 now.