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Tesla Powerwall Review

Tesla is known all over the world for their advancements in electric cars. Not one to rest on their laurels, they have also developed the Tesla Powerwall battery. Launched in 2015, this revolutionary product is advancing the use of solar energy at home and making it more accessible.

Now, you may be wondering why Tesla is in this industry. It might seem strange that an automobile manufacturer is also in the business of selling batteries that can be used to store renewable energy.

The reason they are in this business is very simple–their whole automobile business depends on batteries. Energy storage is still one of the biggest limiting factors when it comes to Tesla automobiles. That is why they are spending billions of dollars on developing better batteries. The better the batteries, the more their vehicles will be able to travel on one charge, allowing them to truly replace fossil fuel-based vehicles.

Tesla will soon be the biggest battery producer in the world once their under-construction factories are completed. The Tesla Powerwall is a product of years of insights and knowledge gained from the company’s foray into making better automobile batteries.

Why You Need The Tesla Powerwall

The need for these batteries is very simple. When it comes to renewable energy, solar energy is one of the best options. It is cheap, easy to install and saves a lot of money. Solar energy can only be harvested during the day. This means that without a good enough battery, you will only be able to use solar power before evening comes. However, if you have the right batteries, you can store the power during daytime so it can be used well into the night. This is what Tesla Powerwall batteries are designed for.

Fantastic Controls

There are many batteries available in the market. Few are as advanced as the Powerwall but you can find ones that come near it. Still, you will not find a battery that is easier to use than this one. With the Powerwall, you can control each and every aspect though a smartphone. There are no confusing menus or frequent errors. This is one of the advantages of buying a product from a company as trusted as Tesla. They don’t just focus on making the highest quality product, they focus on delivering the highest quality experience possible.

Easy Installation

Tesla Powerwall is also one of the easiest batteries to install. The most outstanding part is that the system is stackable. So if you don’t think your needs can be met with just one battery, you can add another battery to the system. You will be able to control them like one battery, because it is all part of the same ecosystem. Then there’s the fact that you can easily control when the battery is used. This matters because in many places, the costs of energy go up and down. You can set it up so that you shift to solar when electricity from the grid is expensive, and switch to the grid once it becomes cheaper than what solar costs you. This allows you to maximise your savings.

All these factors combine to make this one of the most advanced batteries on the market. This is still a nascent industry, which means that there are a lot of companies trying to make a name for themselves. Make no doubt that Tesla remains the most trusted name in the industry.

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