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LEDs fought climate change better than other technologies in the last decade

LED lights have taken the world by storm. From flashing modules on storefront windows, elegant hotel ceiling luminaires to trendy colour-changing strips in bars—you name it. Even street lights in major cities are being retrofitted with LED components.

Viewed as being the biggest driving force behind reduced carbon emissions, LEDs offer many eco-friendly advantages. Slowly but surely, they are reversing the effects of climate change.

Lower Carbon Emissions

As triple threats in the market, LED lights are ideal in saving money, energy and the planet. Aside from being affordable solutions in the long run, these lights also limit greenhouse gas emissions.

Compared to traditional lighting systems, LEDs have low wattage. Less wattage equals less emissions, which is essential in preventing global warming from accelerating. If every building replaced their old light bulbs with lamps that use light-emitting diodes, the energy that could be saved is immense.

In Australia, state governments have created policies to subsidise LED lighting for office spaces, hotels and warehouses, to name a few. The Victorian Energy Efficiency Target (VEET) and Energy Saving Scheme (ESS) aims to incentivise people who want to conserve energy through LED light fittings.

No Harmful Chemicals

Did you know that compact fluorescent lights contain about four to five milligrams of mercury? Now multiply that by the hundreds and you get a worrying amount. Mercury is a major contaminant, especially when it is disposed of in landfills.

On the other hand, LED lights are free of any toxic elements. There are no traces of chemicals that pose hazards to people, animals and the environment.

Impact on Carbon Footprint

Simply put, minimising the waste we produce is the key to reducing our carbon footprint. With LEDs outlasting conventional light sources, there is no reason why you should wait to make the switch. The longer the product lifespan, the fewer the disposal.

It must be pointed out that all of the groundbreaking technology available to us now is just the first layer of the surface we’ve scratched. The LED light revolution is stronger than ever. Businesses big and small are realising that they no longer have to settle for outdated systems in lighting their facilities.

As green efforts continue to push through, the growing sense of responsibility to take care of the environment is apparent. Australians, in particular, have created a culture of accountability in their communities. One with the mission to promote eco-friendly solutions is Easy Being Green. If you need assistance in LED lights installations in Sydney, St Leonards, Atarmon & Chatswood, call 1300 994 929.