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Top 5 Benefits of LED Factory Lighting

Factories require an ample supply of utilities to run day-to-day operations. There is a wide array of equipment needed in various production processes, with lighting playing a substantial role. Buildings such as these have more complex lighting needs, as opposed to offices and small businesses.

During peak operational times, lighting systems have to perform at optimal levels. Workers in the industrial sector are usually expected to work longer hours, with overtime work included every week. More than that, industrial premises usually need energy up and running much longer than regular business facilities. (Read more about how easy it is to install LED Lights)

Since the invention of light emitting diodes (LED), it was possible to reduce electricity usage. Here are the top benefits using LED lights in factory settings:

1. Decreased Overall Costs

In terms of energy efficiency. LED lights are unbeatable. Imagine, they can produce the same amount and brightness of light for much lower power consumption. Once you make the switch to LED light bulbs, you’ll see that you’ll be paying less for utilities. Now, do not be put off by the prices. While LED is more expensive to buy, it offers big savings in the long run. Your facilities will be well lit at a fraction of the costs you used to pay.

2. Longer Life Spans

LEDs do not burn out, unlike traditional types of lighting. They merely get dimmer as time passes. For LED lights that are high in quality, the lifespan has a range of 30,000 to 50,000 hours. These lights can go even longer, depending on the kind of fixture. For the sake of comparison, compact fluorescent light bulbs can last for a maximum of 10,000 hours. On the other hand, the phased out incandescent light bulbs have a very short lifespan of only 1,000 hours.

3. Much Lower Maintenance

The longer operational life of LEDs make them a low-maintenance lighting option. First of all, factory operators can cut on time spent in replacing bulbs in commercial applications, which take more time than those installed for residential purposes. Secondly, they do not have to think about the labour costs of replacement and installation.

Furthermore, LEDs are a lot more breakage-resistant. In the past, light bulbs were typically enclosed in glass or quartz, making them more vulnerable to damage. LED light bulbs, on the other hand, do not have filaments or glass enclosures. They are also designed to exhibit immunity against vibration and impact.

4. Better Lighting Capacity

Facilities that are industrial in nature will greatly benefit from the enhanced lighting levels LEDs can provide. LED light systems are advanced, able to cover entire warehouse floors and offer improved visibility in all areas. Aside from maintaining safety in the workplace, LED lights also boost employee health and productivity.

5. LED Lightbulbs are Adaptable to Cool Temperatures

In comparison to regular light bulbs, LED lights are cool to touch as they produce virtually no heat. This means they can be left on without any issues for hours, giving you peace of mind. Moreover, LEDs actually thrive in low temperatures. In effect, LED lights are highly suitable for cold storage facilities as well as outdoor areas like building parametres and parking spaces.

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