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Turn Up the Backup Home Power with Tesla Powerwall

Home power has undergone a revolution of sorts in the past few years. Gone are the generators and huge, clunky power plants of old. Today, there are all new power packs and battery ensembles that take care of all your home power needs without sacrificing efficiency and space.

The Tesla Powerwall: A Step in an Electric Direction

Tesla has always been on top of innovative trends and movements. Their revolutionary technology in the automotive realm and their focus on efficiency and clean energy is remarkable. They have truly transformed the way we perceive electrical energy itself.

In the past, it used to be that power was something that only the electrical companies could supply. Fast forward to today, we have cutting-edge technology to power our homes and our lives. Advanced solar cells, wind power and even alternative fuels such as hydrogen and the ilk are some of the best examples. All of this is an unprecedented move in the right direction. Tesla has pioneered the movement, conceptualising the most effective and efficient method of luxury electrical travel.

Their product, the Powerwall, is a radically efficient and advanced home battery backup system based on a lithium-ion system. It takes power from the grid itself, and conserves it for use in case of any disconnections or outages, as well as for running additional appliances. And yes, it can be used to charge up their vehicles as well!

Tesla Powerwall and Home Power Systems: The Good and The Bad

The Powerwall and similar innovations are definitely a step towards a more efficient and greener future. While the vast majority of users find these very useful, there are some drawbacks to the technology as well. Keep reading to learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of the Powerwall.


  • The Powerwall can be used to power the home in collaboration with a solar power generation system. This way, you can rely solely on your own power grid, and not be dependent on the power grid.
  • In the long term, the Powerwall is a very advantageous investment. It saves a lot of money when used well, and in times of greater loads on the grid. Additionally, if used with a solar power system, it can be virtually free to use. Ultimately, it negates the need for a grid connection at all, while also saving the owner a lot of money.
  • The Tesla Powerwall is very efficient, and does not waste as much power as some of the usual additions to the market do. It also houses the battery in a very small package, allowing the owner to not only manage it very well, but also fix it on the walls very easily.
  • All in all, the Tesla Powerwall has proven to be a significant entry to the home power market with its combination of efficiency and cost-effectiveness.


  • The Tesla Powerwall is somewhat expensive at first.If bought alongside a solar power system, it can cost the owner a bit much. However, that is the only disadvantage for now
  • The Tesla Powerwall is not only one of the very few products on the market that actually deliver as they promise.,It is also a glimpse of the future—a future where power is much cleaner and does not cost as much, and a future that is powered by natural resources.
  • This is definitely a good investment and a step in the right direction for homeowners all across Australia. Easy Being Green fully supports this movement. Speak with us today and we’ll be more than happy to assist you in your efforts to go green.